The main objective of the Project is to develop a sustainable and comprehensive system for creating and exchanging information and knowledge in order to support the effective and efficient implementation of the EU climate and energy policies. This is aimed mainly at supporting the process of decision-making and enhancing the potential of knowledge and competences within the public administration dealing with the issues of climate and energy policies.


The general objective will be achieved through a set of goals:


  • Building a comprehensive and consistent analytical toolkit for assessing the measures proposed at the levels of Member States and the EU, including their sectoral dimension.
  • Developing a high-quality information about the impacts of measures implemented and planned under the EU energy and climate policies.
  • Providing high-quality information about the impacts of measures under EU energy and climate policies to public administration, private entities and the public.
  • Raising the environmental awareness of the public, with particular consideration given to the addressees of climate and energy policies, through wide dissemination of high-quality information.
  • Centre for Climate and Energy Analyses (CAKE) is established to guarantee the sustainability of the Project. CAKE is a comprehensive and sustainable team, which, using and developing the analytical toolkit created in the Project, the stakeholder network and distribution channels, will continuously generate and provide to its addressees knowledge in order to assist them in decision-making.

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