Webinar „EU ETS and Electricity sector: Fuel switching in Germany and Poland”

On June 23, 2020, LIFE Climate CAKE PL participated in the webinar organized by the Center for Energy and the Environment on „EU ETS and Electricity sector: Fuel switching in Germany and Poland”.


A number of scientists from various organizations took part in the webinar. The introduction to the meeting was conducted by Mrs. Klaudia Gibis from the German Emission Trading Authority (DEHSt) and Mr. William Acworth from Adelphi. Mr. Jan Abrell from the Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW) gave a presentation entitled “Determinants of fuel switching: EU ETS and the Polish and german electricity sector”. In the next part of the meeting Mr. Felix Matthes from Oko-Institute gave a
presentation entitled “Emissions in the German electricity sector in 2019”.

Mr. Igor Tatarewicz from the LIFE Climate CAKE PL team provided a presentation entitled “Challenges in transforming the Polish Energy Sector”. The main conclusions presented by the LIFE Climate CAKE PL expert include:


  • Natural gas (without CCS) in the long term is only a temporary solution, however remains important as a backup technology.
  • Nuclear power is very important in deep reduction scenario providing stable energy supply at moderate cost.
  • Energy transmission capacity will be an important factor in achieving reduction goals  because of uneven distribution of nuclear power and different RES potentials in particular countries.
  • Without new nuclear investments in Europe accomplishment of reduction target is still possible but at significantly higher cost of energy supply (the gap is filled by gas power plants with CCS and renewable sources).



The presentations was followed by a discussion panel in which participated, among others Mrs. Joanna Maćkowiak – Pandera (Forum Energii), Mr. Philipp Ruf (Powerand Carbon Analytics, ICIS), and Mr. Frank Peter (Agora Energiewende).


The presentation from the webinar is available below:

 CAKE_Webinar EU ETS and the Electricity Sector: Fuel Switching in Poland and Germany _23.06.2020




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