New CAKE project: LIFE VIIEW 2050

New CAKE project: LIFE VIIEW 2050

On November 20, the European Commission announced that the IOŚ-PIB had obtained another grant under the LIFE program. The LIFE VIIEW 2050 project has been positively assessed in the LIFE 2019 call of the European Commission. The importance, quality and uniqueness of the LIFE VIIEW 2050 project was also recognized by a number of people and institutions involved in energy and climate policy, which was reflected in many letters of support, among others from the ministers of the Polish Government, international organizations and scientific institutions.


The main objective of the LIFE VIIEW 2050 project is the assessment of the functioning of the EU ETS, its impacts and interaction with other EU policy instruments, other international systems and its possible further development with the view of EU climate neutral economy by 2050.


Parallel objective is to support and promote the functioning of the EU ETS and other carbon pricing policies and disseminate EU experience in this regard to better designed climate and energy policy at the EU and international level.


Therefore the sectoral and macroeconomic models developed at CAKE need to be extended: the computable general equilibrium model (CGE) and the sectoral partial equilibrium models – the energy model and the transport model.

In order to develop appropriate partial analyses three Working Packages are forseen :


  • WP1: estimation of the impact of key climate and energy policy instruments (RES, EE) on the functioning of the EU ETS systems and the impact of changes in EU ETS design (e.g. changing the targets) on the functioning of other climate and energy policies.
  • WP2: identification of the set of policy instruments that could affect the balance between abatement cost in sectors that are covered and not covered by EU ETS and estimation its effects on economy (GDP, output and employment) and total emission reduction.
  • WP3: preparation a set of projections on emissions and cost for all analysed regions at the international level under various scenarios of linking of ETS systems.


Prepared reports and analizes will present the effects of different climate policy options, along with the recommendations for optimum solutions, and subsequently making tchem available to the public administration bodies involved in the implementation of climate policy to which they are addressed and the interested organisations at the EU and international level.


CAKE will organise public seminars and conferences at EU and international climate and energy policy level to present the Project results and the publications prepared as part of the Project.


In addition forming a platform of international experts to disseminate the project output is planned to give a political support for EU ETS and other carbon pricing mechanisms. In this case a number of thematic meetings are foreseen.


All the reports will be also available on the Project webpage and twitter @climate_cake.

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