Fourth LIFE Climate CAKE PL Steering Committee meeting

On the 7 of February 2020 r.  fourth Steering Committee and Working Group meeting of LIFE Climate CAKE PL project was held at KOBiZE’s office.


Representatives of public governmental administration dealing with the climate and energy policy issues participated in the meeting (Ministry of: Foreign Affairs, Infrastructure, Agriculture and Rural Development, State Assets.  


At the beginning, information on the progress of work on the project, i.e. completed and planned activities were presented – i.e.  works on model tools, meetings, topics of analyzes, and future planned projects.


Next, the assumptions and analytical capabilities of the EPICA agricultural sector model were presented – i.e. model scope, analytical scenarios, preliminary modeling results and subsequent planned tasks. The agricultural model EPICA (Evaluation of Policy Impacts – Climate and Agriculture), carried out as part of the LIFE Climate CAKE PL project, aims to examine the scale of changes in the agricultural sector resulting from the implementation of climate policy instruments. The model covers Poland and analyzes 17 plant and 6 animal activities. Preliminary results of the analysis based on the EPICA model show that assuming the use of currently used production technologies, achieving ambitious reduction goals in agriculture is difficult. Forcing the reduction of GHG emissions from agriculture leads to a decrease in the production volume, which would probably lead to an increase in prices of agricultural products. A decrease in production would hit the production of beef cattle, milk or maize for grain and silage the most.


Further in the meeting the analysis on the impact of increasing emission reduction targets in the EU was presented. The analysis indicates the impact it would have on changes  in the supply and prices of allowances in the EU ETS system and on changes in emission limits for non-ETS sectors, as well as on changes in emission allowance prices (EUA) for EU ETS sectors. Preliminary results of the analysis show that increasing EU emission reduction targets will significantly increase the targets in the EU ETS, non-ETS and increase the prices of EUA allowances.


At the meeting also the preliminary results of the analysis of the costs of transformation from the perspective of employees in the mining sector, based on the general equilibrium model d-PLACE was presented. The presentations were followed by a discussion on the LIFE Climate CAKE PL project, the results presented and further possible cooperation with the ministries participating in the work of the Steering Committee.




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